You might get into the situation, where you need a linux-kernel ".config" for example after a disk-crash and a loss of data or if you building an embedded device and need to know about the manufacturer's original configuration or if your intend to learn about kernel-configuration or if you are developing programs or drivers and need a certain configuration for your development-procedure.

Either you could choose to run the kernel and access the ".config" directly but maybe you do not have that possibility or the access to the configuration file was not included in the compilation-process.

This is where extract26config comes in. extract26config can extract a ".config" for you from a kernel-image that does not need to run. Or it can reconstruct a ".config" by downloading the kernel-sources and compile them to compare the image with the compiled sources. last but not least it can read a "System.map"-file and write back a ".config" that comes quite close to the original configuration

Please notice:

This program is not supposed to support any form of abuse. Please do not harm anybody or steal someones work by passing a ".config" off as yours.
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